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Harmar Pinnacle Stair Lift
About the Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift: The Pinnacle Stair Lift is a battery-operated stair lift that provides more than twice as many trips compared to competing units in the event of a power outage. The Pinnacle does this thanks to a complete redesign of the standard stair lift drive train that resulted in the Pinnacle's patented Helical Drive. This Helical Drive is so efficient that is actually uses less power than a 25 watt light bulb. And thanks to this compact size of the Helical Drive, the Pinnacle is also the narrowest stair lift in the industry as well as the lightest!

About Harmar Stair Lifts: Harmar's Home Access Products division has been working to break down barriers in the home and make every room of the house accessible. Harmar's products are designed to safely increase your mobility and home accessibility. Harmar's products are designed and built to be simpler, stronger, lighter, and easier to use.
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