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Golden MaxiComfort PR505JP
About the MaxiComfort PR505JP: The PR505JP is an infinite-position lift chair with a 300 lb. weight capacity. It features a seam-back design, integrated battery backup, and the great comfort provided by MaxiComfort Zero Gravity technology. MaxiComfort technology gives you a chair that has more positions than any other chair. And more positions equals more comfort for you. Additionally, the PR505JP's hand control includes the "Smart Tek" system  that allows you to diagnose any problems quickly and easily.

About Golden's MaxiComfort Technology: MaxiComfort represents a true evolution in lift chair comfort. Based on NASA research, the MaxiComfort allows you to recline into a zero gravity position. This is the position where your legs are elevated above your heart, creating an open angle between your torso and thighs. Benefits include:
  • Correct Spinal Alignment
  • Back Pressure Relief
  • Expanded Lung Capacity
  • Improved Circulation
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