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  • 2 Position Lift Chairs
    2-position lift chairs recline almost to a 45 degree angle. These lift recliners are perfect for casual relaxation, reading the morning paper, or enjoying a ballgame.
  • 3 Position Lift Chairs
    3-position lift chairs recline to an almost flat position as well as all positions in-between. These liftchairs are better suited to napping and more versatile than 2-position models.
  • Infinite Position Lift Chairs
    Infinite position chairs can recline to a flat 180 degrees. The backrest and ottoman act independently of each other, allowing for greater personalization.
  • Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

    Zero Gravity lift chairs offer several benefits, including proper spinal alignment, back pressure relief, and improved circulation.



Lift Chair Information

A1 Medical is now a proud distributor  of AmeriGlide lift chairs, Golden Lift Chairs, and Pride Lift Chairs.  With prices on 3-position lift chairs starting at just $499, the AmeriGlide lift chairs line is soon to be a customer favorite.

We carry the largest selection of lift chairs from the most respected lift chair manufacturers in the industry in a variety of fabric and color combinations designed to suit any taste or home decor. In addition, with our 150% low price lift chair guarantee, you know that you are getting the absolute best price on your new lift chair recliner. Call 1-800-797-4654 and order your new lift chair today!

The most popular way of finding lift chairs is to look at lift chairs by price range or to use the "Advanced Lift Chair Search". You can also browse lift chairs by reclining functionality (2 Position, 3 Position, Infinite or Lift Only) and by manufacturer.

Lift chairs are built for three general types of positioning capabilities. The most basic type, a two-position lift chair, is capable of a slight recline back to about a 45 degree angle, which is suitable for relaxation while watching television or reading. A three-position lift chair reclines to a nearly flat position and is better suited for napping. Infinite-position chairs allow the user to recline to any position, including a completely flat configuration for extended periods of sleep; the footrests on infinite position chairs can also be operated independently of the backrest. Finally, Golden Technologies offers a line of Zero Gravity lift chairs which allow for a very wide range of positions, including ones where the feet are elevated above the heart to promote better circulation and lung capacity for users with hypotension (low blood pressure).

As you browse our selection of lift chairs, you'll notice that in addition to full chair measurements, we also make recommendations as to the minimum and maximum heights of users who will fit in a given lift chair. While these are helpful as guidelines when shopping for your own lift recliner, the fact is that there are far many more sizes and shapes of people in the world than there are lift chairs! For this reason, we do recommend that you measure yourself before ordering to ascertain that the lift chair will be a comfortable fit. Here's a few tips to remember when measuring yourself for a liftchair (you may need to have a friend help you with this process):

  1. While seated, measure the distance from your posterior to the top of your head. This gives you an idea of how much room you will need from the seat to the head rest.
  2. Measure the distance from your posterior to the back of your knee. This will ascertain how deep of a seat you require for your liftchair.
  3. Measure the distance from the back of your knee to the bottom of your foot. This lets you know how much height your lift chair should have from the floor to the top of the seat.
  4. Measure the distance from side to side across your posterior. This tells you how much room you will require between the armrests in order to be seated comfortably in your new lift recliner.

If you would like personal assistance with the measuring process from an expert, we are always willing to walk you through it step by step. Simply contact us at 1 (800) 797-4654 and we'll put you in touch with a lift chair specialist who can get you the right fit. We also encourage you to call us in lieu of placing an online order if you are shopping for a friend or family member to ensure that the lift chair you choose is appropriate for their needs, as restocking fees are applied to returned lift chairs (and custom-built lift chairs, including any chair that is upholstered with non-standard fabrics, cannot be returned).

Choosing a lift chair isn't all measuring and considering the benefits of the various positioning capabilities (though those two elements are significant). There are also optional features available to make your lift recliner more enjoyable and comfortable. Many of our lift chairs can be equipped with therapeutic heat and massage units to relieve tension in tight, overworked back and leg muscles. In addition to this feature, you'll find other products in our catalog which can enhance your lift chair. For example, the Pride LC-900 Media Lift Chair is best accessorized by the addition of the Pride Media Wedge, a portable arm rest that is equipped with dual cup holders and internal storage space. We also carry lumbar and head pillows to provide extra support while you rest, trays which attach to your chair to provide a work surface for crafts or meals, and lift chair mattresses for customers who intend to sleep in their lift recliners for extended periods of time.

A1 Medical Supplies' selection of lift chairs can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics. Fabric selections do vary by liftchair model, which is why we list the fabric options for every lift recliner under the Available Options tab located beneath the product description, along with the extra cost that fabric choice will incur - so you know exactly how much you'll have to spend on your lift chair, with no hidden charges to surprise you when the bill comes.

Q: Is shipping included in the cost of your lift chairs?

A: Yes, all shipping is pre-calculated and included in the purchase price of your lift chair. The only time you will pay extra is if you elect to purchase setup or require a second-floor delivery, which is noted on your invoice prior to checkout during online transactions. The customer service representative with whom you speak during phone transactions will also inform you of any additional charges you may incur as a result of premium delivery options.

Q: How long will it take for my lift chair to arrive?

A: All of our lift chairs are shipped directly from the manufacturer. If you choose a lift chair that is in stock, it will arrive at your home in 3 to 6 business days. If your selection is not in stock, it will be built for you; this includes lift chairs to be upholstered in custom fabric choices. Present manufacturing times are 7 to 15 business days. Shipping will take an additional 2 to 7 business days. For an exact quote of delivery time, please call our product specialists at 1 (800) 797-4654; the customer service representative with whom you speak during a phone transaction can also provide you with a more exact delivery date for your lift chair.

Q: Will the delivery driver bring my lift chair inside and set it up for me?

A: Setup is not included in the cost of the lift chair, and our drivers cannot move a box up stairs with more than six steps. Your best option is to arrange to have another person available on delivery day that can help the truck driver get the box up the steps and into your home. Your other option would be to order premium delivery service, which typically costs between $200.00 and $400.00, depending on the lift chair you choose. (Pricing subject to change.) If you opt to purchase premium delivery service, two setup technicians will come to your home with the chair, take it out of the box, place it where you want it up or down one flight of stairs, and make sure it works. They'll also dispose of the packaging in which the chair was shipped.